Our Products

The main businesses of LIMA cover tiller seeder, corn/maize/peanut shelling and peeling machine,nuts processing machine,grains Tillage equipment, Rotary cultivator, Walnut husking machine, etc.

Almond bar cutting machine

The almond bar cutting machine also named almond strip cutting machine,the machine is mainly used for cutting almonds,peanuts,pistachio and other nuts,the discharging sieve can remove the broken almond particles or other small impurities from the almond s

Cashew shelling machine

Cashew Nut Sheller has manual model and automatic model. Feeding is by hand. The cashew will be separated into 3-5 grades according to their size.

Sesame peeling machine

Sesame peeling machine is applied for sesame soaking, sesame skin removing, sesame skin and kernel’s separating. Collect all process together.

Rice thresher machine

It can be driven by diesel to set on the tractor, also can be driven by the electric motor according to your needs, easy use high efficiency working.

Peanut slicing machine

Peanuts slicing machine is a special equipment for peanut kernel cutting. The machine consists of hopper, vibration feeder, cutter, cutting roller and other parts. Mainly used for half-peanut kernels’ strip cutting.

Peanut peeling machine

The material is automatically fed into peeling room form by two teans of abrasion roll from feeding dip-per so that revolve the coat of peanut.

Peanut picking machine

This machine can pick peanut from ground with low breakage and high efficient and it can picking fresh peanuts.

Peanut harvesting machine

This peanut harvester machine is widely used to harvest peanut. It is suitable for sandy soil, and hill field and flat field. It has the high harvest efficiency, the low breakage rate

Corn skin removing and sheller machine

After peeling the skin, you just need remove the four rotors for peeling and install the threshing rotor. The threshing can be achieved. It does not need to exchange the motor.

Corn sheller machine

The threshing roller run by the motor with a belt. When corn goes into the machine, it form the relatively rolling with the threshing roller .Under the friction with the grilled cylinder, the corn is threshed.

Rotary cultivator

Rotary cultivator is suited to dry land and paddy field. It can save time, labour and money etc.

Rice planter machine

This rice transplanter is used to transplant the rice seeding . The new seedlings guard of this rice transplanter ensure the seedling vertical planting, neat , planting effect is better.